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Coneitc Software wants to be your IT partner. Imagine - no longer are your IT problems your's alone, as our customer - your computer problems are our's!

" Our commintment to our customers is simple - solve the problem fast! "

Our strength comes from working with our cusotmers to identify their immediate needs, as well as to anticipate growth and the IT needs that come with it. As a small business ourselves, we have an understanding of how critical it is to consistently meet the needs of the growing businesses we support.

Conetic has over 20 years of IT experience, and continues to expand its expertise by hiring only qualified individuals. But we are not about change for the sake of change - we look at new approaches only when necessary to meet your business requirements.

So weather your needs require support for a simple home office or a multi-national corporate -- Conetic has a solution to meet your needs. Call us today!

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We believe strongly in proactive maintenance and support. So much so, that we has invested heavily in remote monitoring and administrative solutions that check your computer and network systems 24 hours a day and allow us to identify a potential problem and address it at any time -- day or night.


Which Service is right for me? This is determined by your needs. We can create a custom plan that fits your needs. Or you can pick from severeal existing "support packages". However, our supports services are offered in two basic configuration:

  • 1)Per-Device: Flat-rate monthly service that includes unlimited support.

2)Per-Minute: Pay-as-you-go service available by purchasing pre-paid blocks of time.

Can I use both Per-Device and Per-Minute Services? Yes, both services can function concurrently; however, each service is billed independently and comes with a dedicated number.

How is the Per-Device Service billed? The Per-Device Service is a monthly service that is billed on the 1st of each month. The initial startup month will be pro-rated.

How is the Per-Minute Service billed? The Per-Minute Service is a pay-as-you-go service made available by purchasing a block of minutes. Each time a user contacts the Help Desk, the minutes are automatically deducted from the customers account. Per-Minute charges are billed using a quarter hour mimumn billing convention, and billed at the rate of $95 per hour.

Is the Per-Device Service really unlimited? Yes, the Per-Device Service offers unlimited support.

Do I have to include all computers in the company? No. You do not need to cover all machines at your company. Support for unsupported machines will be addressed using the Per-Minute billing method. No - services will be performed prior to a written approval from an authorized individual from your company.

Is there a setup fee for services? Yes, there is a one-time setup fee for services. Typically our fees are $30 per workstation; and $150 per server. However, it is possible for us to charge a different fee -- due to the complexity of your site.

How do I get started with support services? The process typically starts with a FREE - NO COST "audit & needs assistment". The goal is to understand what devices you have and determine your support needs. Upon completion of the "audit", our staff will meet with you to discuss available service options. In the event you need immediate support --support enginneers will be available to address the problem.

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