Conetic is Proud to announce CONETIC ONE.

Conetic ONE is a new 64-bit product that combines our proven Database and Accounting software that supports docker containers and the Windows Subsystem for Linux - WSL2.

This new product repositions the company from a software sales focus to a software service/support business. We fully expect to increase the placement of our software; reducing software sales - while increasing software support fees. Again swapping software sales for support fees.

This new virtual environment is a single source for Windows and Linux that scales from 1 user to hundreds of users. Whether your host is a windows laptop or a powerful super Linux server. The result is a solid database and accounting system.

The product combines our rock solid Linux solution within the windows workstation or server Edition - the result is a new hybrid Computing platform that has the unique ability to scale within the same structure.

It's hard to imagine but we've combined windows and Linux to deliver a powerful, flexible, solution for the masses. This new approach also refocuses our products into a Service Centric solution, rather than a software licensing fee-based solution. Service/support is separated from the software licensing fee. This new approach focuses on making the software available at a DEEP DISCOUNT - almost free.

With the release of this product, customers will pay a nominal fee for the software, However they will be required to prepay for technical support prior to engaging with Conetic staff. Prepaid support tickets will be sold initially in 5-hour increments at a cost of $150 per hour.

Custom development projects will be available, however it will require:

1 - the payment for analysis and Design must be paid prior to the start of any coding
2 - An established budget will be required with a 50% down payment on the project
3 - payment in full is required at time of completion

Customers with existing annual support agreements will be still made available to these Legacy clients at the same rate and cost they currently pay. It should be understood in the event these agreements are not maintained, Conetic reserves the right to elect to not support a client. Clients that maintain their annual support agreement will continue to receive preferential placement when seeking support. Annual support clients will be pushed to the front-of-the-line when calling for support.

Conetic One is a 64-bit system being offered for $59.95 to start - 4 user system, which includes C/Base database C/Base & C/Books utilities C API, all nine accounting modules - General ledger, Accounts receivable, Accounts payable, Fixed assets. Job costing, Order entry, Inventory , Payroll, and Web Database Proxy. Larger user counts from 1 - 150 are available.

Our state-of-the-art user interface only requirement is an HTML5 Browser (we recommend Chrome). Just enter your URL in your browser to login page. Freeing you to run this new generation of software on a Windows Workstation, Windows Server, Mac Books, ipad, tablets and many more platforms. Imagine - NO NEED to buy new workstations - just load the latest version of Chrome or Firefox and go! All client software is downloaded automatically when you load your login page.

From a technical view - the product is made of a high performance Linux engine and a highly portable graphical client. The Linux engine does the heavy lifting, (execution and processing), while a graphical client written in java sends and receives end-user requests. All hand shaking between the database server and graphical client happens inside the browser. The result is an elegant dance between two environments.

This single Source platform enables us to focus on One platform. In the past we typically had to worry about the windows client (on various windows operating systems) and various Linux servers. This is made available via docker container technology. The result is improved quality, and faster time to market.

Allows for the enhancement of all database tables, data entry screens, menus and reports.

Prices below include 64 Linux container:

  • C/Base 4GL Database
  • C/Base C API
  • General ledger
  • Accounts Receiable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Fixed Assets
  • Payroll
  • Job Costing
  • Inventory
  • Order Entry
  • Purchase Orders
  • C/Books C API
  • Web Database Proxy

  • Package pricing:
    1-4 users $79.95
    Up to 8 users $995.00
    Up to 16 users $1,295.00
    Up to 32 users $1,595.00
    Up to 64 users $2,595.00

    Prepaid Support Packages:
    1 Hour Support package $150
    5 Hour Support package $650
    Network Config package $995
    Printer Config package $495